3 Highly Important Skills Your Teen Can Learn From Playing Roblox

3 Highly Important Skills Your Teen Can Learn From Playing Roblox

Roblox Benefits for Teens

It’s no secret that Roblox is a rapidly growing gaming platform, with millions of people hopping on every day to explore a seemingly endless world of possibilities. 

As a parent, you might be wondering, “Are there any benefits to this game?” In fact, there are. Aside from being highly engaging, it’s also a great educational platform and tool for learning in-demand skills. In this article, we dive into the top 3 skills your teen can learn from playing Roblox.

1. Roblox Can Expand Your Child’s Creativity

Because Roblox is home to some of the most creative minds who build, create, and contribute to the platform, it’s a perfect breeding ground for inspiration. 

With over 24 million games or “experiences” on the platform, there’s always something new for users to explore. Kids and teens who play Roblox get to experience what other people have created which can inspire them to design their own games. 

Roblox makes it easy for users to create games using its Roblox Studio feature. Playing around in a virtual space like this can stretch their creativity and lead to greater problem-solving skills.

2. Roblox Teaches The Building Blocks of Coding

Learning how to code can feel intimidating at any age. The good news? Roblox offers an easy-to-understand introduction to the world of coding.

Users can create their own unique and quirky games using the Roblox Studio feature where they can select pre-made templates, explore its drag-and-drop feature or write out and embed lines of code. 

Roblox uses the programming language Lua to bring its users’ ideas to life on the platform. 

Lua is known to be one of the most beginner-friendly coding languages and it doesn’t require any prerequisites to get started. If your child is interested in learning how to code, consider having them take an online coding workshop where they can learn the fundamentals and create a memorable game or app from scratch.

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3. Roblox Introduces Them To The World Of Entrepreneurship

Another feature in the wacky world of Roblox is that users can earn real money for the games they create. 

Roblox has a virtual currency known Robux which can be purchased with real-world cash but isn’t necessary to enjoy many features of the game. Users can create “experiences,” avatar accessories, clothes, and even additional game upgrades that they can charge for. 

The opportunity to do this allows kids and teens to get a taste of entrepreneurship. You have to be 13 years or older to cash out the Robux you rake in but it can be a pretty exciting side hustle for teens who are dedicated and passionate about the platform. 

If your teen is interested in exploring entrepreneurship further, check out this list of simple habits they can form today that will set them up for success down the road.

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Roblox is an impressive platform that has rapidly grown in popularity over the last 2 years. Kids, teens, and even adults can’t get enough of it. 

Although it may seem like just another game that eats up your productive hours, it can actually be an impressive way to learn new, in-demand skills. 

From expanding one’s creativity to learning how to code and even getting your feet wet in entrepreneurship, Roblox has more perks to playing than one may realize. 

If your teen is interested in learning how to code or create their own Roblox game, check out our Teen Coding Workshop and start equipping them with the skills they need for a profitable and fulfilling career.

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.


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