Is your teen interested in tech, computer science or coding? Many people these days are foregoing the traditional path of a 4-year degree and opting for online coding workshops or boot camps. Coding boot camps allow students to learn the skills that the tech industry is looking for in computer science professionals. It can also be a great way to let your child get their feet wet while they figure out what career path they want to pursue. On top of that, coding boot camps are typically more affordable and less time-consuming than a 4-year computer science degree. We’ve decided to break down the top 3 coding boot camps your teen should consider taking.

What is a coding boot camp?

A coding boot camp is a streamlined program that teaches students the fundamentals and skills of how to code. This may cover everything from data analysis to cyber security and software engineering. It’s often much more affordable than a traditional four-year degree and can be taken online. This allows students to have more flexibility. Although coding boot camps are shorter than a traditional college education, most of them dive right into the material from day one. On the flip side, students pursuing a college degree may spend several semesters learning foundational knowledge but don’t actually learn how to code.

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.

So what boot camps are available?

1. LogoLife Coding Workshop

The perfect introduction to coding for your teen. LogoLife is an online learning company that prepares teens for a profitable career in tech and entrepreneurship. They offer multiple coding workshops for teens throughout the year. In this workshop, students learn the fundamentals of coding, are introduced to the coding language Lua, and get to design their very own Roblox game. 

They get to meet weekly with a personal mentor 1:1, have a tailored growth plan created for them, and join bi-weekly entrepreneurship workshops. Your teen will receive a certificate of completion that they can showcase on their resume or social media. For the price, it truly is an effective and fun way for your teen to get a taste of what coding is all about. You can check out available workshops here.

Who is this workshop for? High school students who are new to coding (grades 9th-12th)

Cost: $50 per student

Length: 2 days, 3 hours a day


2. Code Galaxy Accelerated Bootcamps

Code Galaxy offers hands-on, accelerated coding boot camps that aspiring high school students can take online. They have different classes ranging from web development to Python basics and mobile app development. Students get to learn about computer science basics, how to write code, and even put their knowledge into practice by building a simple app. 

They get a helping hand along the way from experienced instructors and finish the course with a certification that may just land them their first tech job. Because this course is accelerated, it’s recommended that students already have a basic understanding of coding and are ambitious to learn more.

Who is this workshop for? High school students who already have some experience with coding

Cost: $399 per student

Length: 2 days, 4 hours a day (8 hours total)


3. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

CSSI is a hands-on introduction course to coding for high school seniors entering their first year of university. The course is taken during the summer months prior to their first semester of college. The boot camp is designed for students who show a strong interest in computer science and have taken mathematics or computer science classes in high school. 

Students will learn computer science fundamentals, and engage in workshops to promote self-care, and career and skill development while building a community with peers. The application process requires a copy of transcripts and essay writing and students must be planning to attend a 4-year college degree in order to be eligible.

Who is this workshop for? High school seniors who are planning to attend a 4-year college.

Cost: Free

Length: 4 weeks

How do I know if I should enroll my child in a coding boot camp?

If your child is interested in pursuing a career in tech or shows a strong desire for game development or coding then a coding boot camp might be right up their alley. Most boot camps are online, self-paced, and affordable. With occupations in the tech industry on the rise, a coding boot camp that teaches your teen in-demand skills will only set them up for success.

LogoLife offers a coding workshop for young people who have no prior experience with coding (just a strong desire to learn!). It’s a perfect introductory course for teens who show an interest in gaming or computer science and want one on one support as they learn new skills. They’ll explore the fundamentals of coding, how to understand the coding language Lua and even design their own game within Roblox! See when the next online workshop is here.

Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.


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Craft a Top 1% Essay for College Admissions

Download the personal essay template that will help you get into your dream college.


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My son (newly 15) did the 6-week program and I thought it was very good for him. First of all, it gave him something to do this summer (no typical job due to COVID), and second, I think it made him think about things other than math, which is his favorite subject and thing to do! I also appreciated the one on one mentoring sessions in addition to the weekly group session.

I also liked that he had homework to do between sessions. I thought that he received a lot of attention from the LogoLife founders and instructors and that the info given to him to develop was detailed and effective, and tailored to his passions.

A productive and comprehensive teen entrepreneurship program.

Latha O.


The Logolife program is a truly inspiring and innovative way to teach today's teens the skills they will need to adjust in this changing world. As a single parent, my biggest concern has been to prepare my kiddos for the future, but what the future holds is anybody's guess.

When I found Logolife, I was so excited because it teaches kids to adapt to changes and to create their own path forward. I am especially impressed that they encourage kids not to be afraid of failure, but to accept that trial and error is a meaningful part of the process and that being gritty and tenacious can be even more important than having natural talent or ability.

While they learn to capitalize on their strengths, they are also encouraged to grow through their weaknesses and to use what they have to bring value into the world around them. All of us know that what our schools aren't able to prepare our kids for the future or to make them successful in life.

Education alone isn't the answer; the answer is the right education. I am so proud to encourage every parent to investigate Logolife as an option for their children.

If you start by attending the parent meeting I think you'll find that every point of their program is something today's teens need to not only hear, but embrace. It also helps that everyone associated with the program is completely professional, helpful, gracious and enthusiastic.

My daughter and I have had nothing but a positive and uplifting experience with Logolife. I give them my very highest recommendation!

Christine S.