How some parents are supporting their children’s mental health during Covid

Mental health struggles to overcome “Summer vacation is here early” is what most students thought when they first went virtual. This was what Victoria Vial thought, a middle school student, who would sit in her comfy chair, in her pajamas, and text her friends during class at the beginning. (Peterson, 2021) After the next report […]

How to change your teen’s attitude toward math

Research Findings A Stanford study has found that a positive attitude towards math boosts the brain’s memory center and predicts math performance, independent of the child’s IQ. (Erin Digitale, Stanford School of Medicine) (See source here) You can find the full study in Psychological Science. “Educators have long observed higher math scores in children who […]

7 Steps to Ace the SAT – 2021 Edition

1. Get familiar with the SAT format, feel, & structure It can be nerve racking for highschool students to take a 4 hour exam that is a heavily weighted factor for college admissions. You need to know what to expect when you take the actual SAT. This allows you to think & perform at your […]

SAT or ACT – Which one should my child take?

1. Comparing the SAT & ACT The SAT & ACT are both standardized tests that show colleges you have the skill, knowledge, and critical thinking ability they’re looking for.  College admission officers have openly admitted they do not have a preference between whether students take the SAT or ACT. All colleges accept both. Snapshot Overview […]