Top 3 Lucrative Tech Careers Your Teen Should Consider

Top 3 Lucrative Tech Careers Your Teen Should Consider

Whether your teen is gung-ho about landing a career in the tech space or they’re still exploring their options, some tech careers can be highly lucrative and fulfilling. With employment in the technology sector expected to grow 15% from 2021-2031, you can feel confident knowing the demand is here to stay. Keep reading to learn the top 3 lucrative tech careers your teen should consider.

1. Software Developer

Future Outlook: Expected to grow 25% between 2021-2031 (faster than average)

Median Annual Salary: $109,020 

A software developer is keen on analyzing a user’s needs and designing the software to meet those needs. The demand for this role is fueled by the ongoing creation of apps and computer software. Some developers create apps whereas others design user interfaces and operating systems. 


Who is this role for?

If your child is highly organized, detail-oriented, and loves problem-solving, becoming a software developer might be right up their alley. LogoLife actually offers online training for teens who are interested in becoming software developers. Click here to learn more about how we can help your teen land a paid internship.

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2. Data Scientist

Future outlook: Expected to grow 21% between 2021-2031

Median Annual Salary: $131,490

One of the fastest-growing, most in-demand tech jobs is a data scientist. Since 2012, data scientist roles have grown 650%. With technology advancement ramping up, there’s no sign of demand slowing down. A data scientist analyzes data for actionable insights. In other words, they interpret data to help drive decision-making. Most roles require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.


Who is this role for?

Aside from having a deep knowledge of various programming languages, one must also be a problem solver, storyteller, and detail-oriented. Having a lot of patience might help too!

3. Web Developer

Future outlook: Expected to grow 23% between 2021-2031

Median Annual Salary: $78,300

Being one of the few tech careers one can land without a degree, this role is highly accessible for anyone willing to put in the work. A web developer creates and maintains websites, ensuring they are not only user-friendly and visually appealing, but also functional. There are two types of web developers: 

  • Back-end developers: Write code and ensure the website works.
  • Front-end developers: Focus on designing the user interface; the visual aspect.


Who is this role for?

Those who are skilled in project management, being flexible, and working with a team will have the most success as web developers.

The Takeaways

It’s clear that there is an ever-growing demand for technology roles and some of them can be highly lucrative. Although most require a college degree, there are some that don’t, which can be a nice option for those wanting to go an unconventional route. Aside from exploring tech careers, encourage your teen to learn more about their personality, interests, and what they’re skilled at. This will help them determine an ideal career path that suits them best.

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Get the Top 5 Resources Kids Use to Learn Code

These resources are organized by cost, difficulty level, and learning style to help you choose the right one.


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